Ok, so this year started off ok.. and then boom... Earth plunged into madness with the ascending daily death rate not only tragic, but also a fuel to sell news.


After spending the last 12 to 18 months working through my old gear, finding out what still worked, what didnt.. finding blank DSDD & DSHD floppy disks I could use, Zip disks, using virtual machines to recover ancient project files and data.. I started to wonder, why do I bother?

Spoiler alert: I started having fun and enjoying everything the way I used to.

A Clockwork Funeral

This is me writing a version of Purcell's Funeral Music, the theme of A Clockwork Orange. When creating this, I deliberately didn't listen to the original or Clockwork Orange versions. I recorded it from the memory I have of Alex whistling in the movie. It's not accurate, nor is it meant to be. I had fun working on this although it is not meant to be a finished piece, more a palette of working sounds I can use in original compositions.

Some Inspiration...