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Cafe del Mar - MIDI Parts

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These basic parts can be used when starting a remix of Cafe del Mar on the Atari ST. A Cubase 3.1 *.all file is available to be downloaded. Alternatively, you can create the parts manually in Cubase and enter the note data in the key editor or record them in via MIDI keyboard.

Kick Drum


Four on the floor! This is just a kick drum being triggered on every crotchet beat of the bar.

Bass Line


This is a generic off-beat bassline that holds around the note F.

Pitz Lead


The synth line that chirps away in the background as the song builds.

Synth Lead


This is the main synth line that would normally be quickly associated with Cafe del Mar.



The iconic strings part - a good synth string sound is required!

Kit Fills


Machine gun snares and a 1, 2... 1-2-3-4 crashes to accent the dynamics.