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Cafe del Mar - Cubase v2 4:42
This is me playing around with some ideas of Cafe Del Mar by Energy 52. All sequenced in and recorded live from an Atari ST. I dont have a mixing desk, so the outboard hardware is running directly to the PC audio inputs.
Narcisuss 7:11
Acidieus vs Narcissus - This is not meant to sound happy! Written on Atari ST Cubase v3.1. Hardware: Roland JV1080, Novation A-Station, Akai S5000, Yamaha A5000 and a small amount of Yamaha A3000
A Clockwork Funeral 3:45
This is me writing a version of Purcell's Funeral Music, the theme of A Clockwork Orange. When creating this, I deliberately didn't listen to the original or Clockwork Orange versions. I recorded it from the memory I have of Alex whistling in the movie.