Learn how to play guitar easily, in comfort and at your own pace.

E-Guitar Vol 1 is an interactive guitar tuition application that helps you progress aided by a variety of exercises.

It provides audio and visual feedback of how each exercise should sound and be played.

Great for beginners, but undoubtedly this software will also benefit all guitar students.

See below for an example.

Please Note: The sound is of reduced quality for online purposes, the actual software is CD quality and will sound like a real guitar playng right in front of you.



Over 30 Chords to learn - great for working alongside song book notation. See exactly how each chord is played, and how they sound.

Learn Major, Minor and Blues scales. These will help when creating melodies over chord progressions and when playing lead breaks in songs.

Backing track chord progressions to practice scales over, with sound and visual lead guitar examples.

Song Chord Progression Examples - Learn the chords used by popular artists such as: Oasis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Animals, Pink Floyd, plus many more...

Excellent reference material for guitar students of any age.

Finger exercises and ear training lessons - simple exercises that can greatly speed up learning and playing ability.

Boxed version includes printed colour chord and scale reference chart.



Hear example chord progression and lead exercises:

(all audio content on actual software is CD quality and professionally recorded)


Boxed version or Digital Download available. A link to the software will be emailed for the Digital Download version.

PC only. Rec Specs: PIII 700Mhz (or similar), 128 Meg Ram, Windows 2000/XP. Soundcard.


To Purchase:

U.K. (boxed) £19.99 (inc P+P)
International (boxed) $39.99 (Inc Intl P+P)
Digital Download £12.99

Email: e-guitar@acidarbiter.com

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